Pics Grid 2.6.3

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Post a cool 4x4 photo grid straight to Facebook

Photo Grid auto generates a hot 4x4 photo grid from your Android photos and posts it straight to Facebook. Your friends can see all your photos instantly on a large 4x4 photo grid.

Whether you're at a concert, travelling or dining out you can share your experience with your friends wherever you are. You don't need to wait until you get to your computer to upload your photos to Facebook. Share your experience with your friends now on a gorgeous photo grid straight away.

If you want to polish up your photo grid later and add more descriptions or photos. Photo Grid connects directly with our popular Facebook app so you can further edit or arrange your photos on your computer. You can also view photo grids made by your friends and the rest of the world!

Last Updated:2015-06-10 15:21:04
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